About Us


dPlace is an innovative company that unites the efforts of experts and companies with more than 25 years of experience in the field of internet technologies, building and industrial automation, architectural  and urban design, energy simulation and energy management. Our experience and practice relies on the competences necessary to deliver a durable level of excellence from conception to completion of Smart Place solutions. The building and industrial automation expertise has been proven in dozens of buildings in Bulgaria, Russian Federation and Qatar.  A high level software development expertise in Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Analytics and Mobile Technologies has been demonstrated in the frames of many national and international projects. Building energy simulation services have been provided in the context of a number of construction and reconstruction projects, such as the National Palace of Culture and dozens of private industrial, office and residential projects.


dPlace applies a client-centred approach for interactive design, implementation and evaluation of the Smart Place solutions which relies on improvement of client experience and satisfaction. The company adopts the principles of the Open and Agile Smart Cities Initiative for providing solutions based on open innovation, open source, open data and open standards which ensure interoperability and integration of systems provided by different vendors. dPlace offers to the market open integrated solutions and services for smart management of resources and comfort of inhabited places (apartments, houses, buildings, building complexes, open places), analysis of Big Data provided by of smart sensors, mobile applications, and user interfaces (Android/iOS).