Partners and Team

dPlace counts on the technical and expert support of Comicon Ltd, VirTech Ltd, Keozenit Ltd and SmartArch Ltd which are founders of the company. Comicon was established in 1991 as a private enterprise by specialists experienced in the field of industrial automation, R&D, hardware production (controllers, transmitters, etc.), design and execution of turn-key solutions. Virtech is R&D company specializing in applications of advanced information and communication technologies, such as: Internet of Things, Cloud/Fog Computing; development of large scale databases containing bullions of records, Big Data, Data Analytics, mobile technologies and user interfaces. SmartArch Ltd is a design company represented in Bulgaria, Spain and UK focusing on architectural design of future urban environment, including wide area of energy simulation services. Keozenit Ltd offers auditing and certification of buildings for energy efficiency and implementation of the ISO 50001-Energy Management International Standard for Enterprises and Organizations.